Audactiy recording - file playback is slow...

Running version, Windows 7 and have been for ages without any issues, last time I recorded a DJ mix, everything worked fine, I haven’t changed any settings, but the mix I recorded last night has come out about 15 BPM slower than I was playing.

The full length is correct, but everything is at about 115 BPM when I was playing techno at about 128/129 BPM.

Any clues on why it’s done this and how I fix to stop it from doing it again?



The full length is correct, but everything is at about 115 BPM when I was playing techno at about 128/129 BPM.

And the pitch of the music is low?

What happens if you Export the set as a WAV file and then play it in Windows Media? Is it still slow?

It’s rough to believe the show is the right total length if you have those problems. Many of the common errors also affect the show length.

You can get a similar change if you change the Sample Rate in the drop-down menu to the left of the track. If you are running 44100 and pick a custom sample rate slightly lower like 43100, you can get a similar change. But the length of the show goes up.


Yep, pitch is low…playing in Audacity = the same as the exported MP3 plays in Win Media player (didn’t try WAV, it’s a 1 1/4 hour mix so the WAV would be huge!)

Maybe the overall length is wrong, just going from memory, I know I was playing a bit over an hour, and that’s how long the file is.

Never changed the sample rate, or any other settings, just fired it up same as last time, checked recording levels and went for gold…will drop the whole thing into Ableton and see if I can just shift the tempo up and see what it sounds like…love to know how to stop it from happening again! So weird

Hey, yeah, it’s pitched down as well as just slower…maybe the running time is wrong, but know I played a bit over an hour and the file is 1:15mins odd, which seems right.

Never changed any settings from last recording session which worked fine, so it’s super weird…would love to know how to make sure it doesn’t happen again :slight_smile:

It would be good to know that. Start a recording of your presentation like you always do but don’t bother to actually play anything. Ting the edge of a wine glass to give you a pitch reference and then go wash the kitchen windows or something. Set your alarm clock/cellphone for 58 minutes and stop the recording at exactly 60 minutes or pick some other definite, very specific time. See if that works. You can’t guess at symptoms when you’re troubleshooting.

There’s no end of things that can produce a fast recording. That’s when the computer can’t keep up with real time. Slow recording produces a fast show. But a slow show means the computer took its vitamins that day and was recording too fast. That’s really unusual.

You can, however, have an equipment failure. How is the music getting into the computer? External USB mixer?

Do the 60 minutes recording again, but this time record the computer’s built-in microphone. Vacuum all the rugs in the house. I bet 60 minutes comes out one hour this time.


Cool cool, thanks, sounds like it could take some tinkering to figure the problem…recording via line in through a USB Soundcard (no internal line in on my lappy), Soundblaster jobbie and mate gave me…will do some tests and see what the time is like with that compared to the internal mic and card and see what happens.

You understand what we’re doing here? The USB device is making up the digital bitstream and the computer is interpreting it through Audacity. If there’s something wrong with the USB device, it could be making a bogus or damaged bitstream. The built-in microphone has no such restrictions, so it should be OK and if it is, that will tell you where the problem is — or where to look, anyway.