Audacity's Being Funky or Is It Me?

hi audio guru’s!

i’m on windows 10, been recording all day (voice overs for podcast) with no problems; i have a Xenyx 302 and a an audio-technica atr2100. i finish a 2 minute project, save/export, then on to the next - nope. somehow the setting and all options changed for mic, speakers, and mono/stereo… and i didn’t touch them. all day it’s been “USB Audio Codec”, now it’s “USB Audio Codec - loopback”; now i can only record in the first setting, and in order to hear the recording, i have to switch it to the second setting (loopback). it took me a while to figure it out! and now the only option i have for my speakers is the computer’s, which is fine, but i’m worried it that’ll effect playback once i export.

honestly, i wanna know what happened, and if it can or should be fixed, if it’s an update… has anyone heard of this? i searched the site and found one post about “AUDIO CODEC - LOOPBACK”, but not related. anyone know what’s going on?


Is that the USB version?

Is that the USB version?