Audacity works for me at work but not at home

I use this to create recordings for elevator phones. When I have my laptop at work Audacity works just fine. When i bring my laptop home Audacity does not work. I am able to record and save my recording but when I try to pull up the recording it says it does not exist, Then if I go back to the Audacity app and try to click on it to do anything I get a little sound like there is a window open but I do not see any secondary window. Windows 10 Audacity 3.2.2

Might that be related to the saving location of your projects?
It is a good idea to ensure that Audacity is using locally accessible drives to save everything, either temporary files, and saved projects, and even better if those drives are “fixed hardware”, I mean either HDD or SSD, plugged to the motherboard.

Try Files > Recent Files

Right-click on the Windows Task Bar, then select Task Manager to see if Audacity is already running.

If that doesn’t help, you can try rebooting.