Audacity won't start but will if log on as different user

I think DickBowyer is on the right track! - He and I have pretty much the same setup - except, I’m running Mojave, and he’s running Catalina… - But we’re having the same perplexing issue.

As I posted earlier, my internal 1TB SSD is my boot drive and where my Apps are stored. My Primary User Home Folder and documents are located on an external thunderbolt drive (Drobo). -

• If I create a User on the SSD and log into it, Audacity runs like a champ.
• If I create a User on the external drive and log in, nada - Audacity refuses to launch.
• Fully removing Audacity and then reinstalling it into the external User’s “Application” folder, same crash.

This must be related to the home folder location, is it possible that the startup code for Audacity is calling on the boot root for something and encountering a permissions error?

Audacity is far too awesome for me to give up on it - Any help is appreciated!

Has this issue been solved? Just a heads up that I have the exact same problem in my setup running Mojave under the same conditions : two drive setup, apps/os on SSD, files on separate internal drive. Audacity will not open. I think this might need to be addressed in an update or maybe there is an easy workaround for dual drive users.

Windows guy here - I haven’t heard either, but it may be worthwhile seeing if you can duplicate this issue on your machine with Audacity 3.0.0. Please report back.

And I just saw your post back here on a separate thread that Audacity 3.0.0 has indeed fixed your issue. I’m glad it is all working OK now! :smiley: