Audacity won't record/playback [SOLVED]

I have been using Audacity for a few months now without a problem until today. I walked into my studio, turned on the program and everything seemed fine, the screen came up and it looked like I was prepared to begin recordingl. When I hit the record button the curser did not move from the 0.0 line and began to flash. I thought maybe the program had become corrupt so I uninstalled it. I checked everything with my computer and all seemed right so I downloaded it again. Again, all loaded well but when I went to record the same issue appeared. At the curser line there is a small arrow pointing to the left right at the 0.0 line and not sure if this has anything to do with the problem. Please help as I need this program for an inportant project. Thanks. I have windows 7 installed on my machine.


That usually indicates that Audacity is wanting to record but is not receiving any audio data.

First thing to try: Reboot the computer.

if that does not fix it, please give details about what you are trying to record, what your recording set-up is, and what settings you are using - in particular, what the settings are in the device toolbar.

A simple reboot of my computer did it. Thanks for the stress reliever.