Audacity wont record any audio from my pc

Firstly im using windows 10

Ive been using audacity for a while now but have recently not been using it. I wanted to record something from youtube but when pressing record it doesnt pick up any audio. Im not sure what the problem is as ive been trying different things literally any help would be appreciated. I do have windows wasapi selected and even still it wont record even when about a month earlier it would record just fine.

You could review these steps to make sure nothing has changed on your computer: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows

Also, if you are running any video conferencing software such as Zoom, etc. you might check that that is disabled. Have you tried rebooting your computer?

i wish i had an answer, but it sounds like a similar problem i have. Windows must have installed some update as I can no longer record any audio from my computer. I’ve checked all selections and nothing has changed. I wish there was a fix.