Audacity won't recognize some wav files

I am having a problem importing WAV files. I am trying to import these for work as they are WAV files of calls exported from a call recording system. When I try to import them I get the following message;

"Audacity did not recognize the type of this file. If it is uncompressed, try importing it using ‘‘raw import’’.

I tried importing as raw data and the files import but all I hear is a few seconds of white noise?

in windows media, the files play fine

Is there any way I can open these files?

attached problem wav

I didn’t have any trouble opening the file. It also plays fine in Windows Media Player.

If it’s from a telephone system it might be 8-bit, 8kHZ, ADPCM.

nope still work work!!

It’s not a wav file.
Mediainfo shows it’s an incorrectly labelled mp3 file.
Re-package it properly…

ffmpeg -i music_a.wav -c copy music_a.mp3

My bad :confused:
music_a.wav file is a wav file, but it contains a stream encoded with mp3 instead of usual pcm.

Thanks for your help. Yes WAV is a container format so it is perfectly legitimate for it to contain MP3-encoded audio.

Audacity as shipped can’t import a WAV containing MP3 unless you rename the file to MP3 (renaming never changes the audio contents, but it works in this case because the contents are MP3).

Or if you had installed FFmpeg Audacity would have imported the file as it is.