Audacity won't recognize 3rd gen Solo

This worked after i set up the Solo recording software on my MacBook Pro with OS 10.13.6 High Sierra, then after unplugging everything and moving it to a different room, nothing works. Audacity doesn’t recognize the Scarlett. What do I do to record voice? I’m new to this and don’t really have a clue.

Normally the device should be connected before launching Audacity.
If Audacity is already running when the device is connected, you will need to “Rescan Audio Devices” to allow Audacity to see the device.
“Rescan Audio Devices” is near the bottom of the “Transport” menu.

Let’s start at the beginning. If you go to Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input, do you see the Scarlet Solo listed there?

If it is listed, then start Audacity. Can you select it in the Device toolbar?

– Bill

Getting dropouts at the beginning of words. Also can’t figure out how to delete practice takes. Help!

Do I just need to take 8 weeks and read the whole manual and this forum :frowning:

“Edit menu > Undo” (or use the assigned keyboard shortcut - probably “command + Z”)

The beginning of every word?
What indication is there of “dropouts”?

What was the problem?

I’m getting ‘dropouts’ at the first word of each phrase. Weird. After I complete a phrase or sentence, it only plays back the last part of the first word of a new phrase or sentence.

Hi Bill,

I went to preferences, Sound, etc, and Scarlett did not come up. Does it need to be plugged into the laptop?



Are you recording one phrase at a time, or recording multiple phrases?
What I’m trying to understand is: Are you losing the start of only the first word when you start recording, or are you losing the start of each sentence?

Yes. Via USB.

– Bill