Audacity won't recognise my headphones

I have used Audacity on Linux Ubuntu for years, but now with newer computers, newer versions of Ubuntu and Newer versions of Audacity Audacity will not recognise my earphones either by bluetooth or by audio socket or by USB connection. All other programs needing use of earphones work. How can I overcome this issue?
I am currently using Ubuntu 22.04 and Audacity 3.1.3. Have also tried 3.4.2. I did go back to an earlier version some time back but can’t remember which now but I preferred the Later version of Audacity so didn’t keep trying older versions.

I had a similar issue when connecting headphones while Audacity was running, fixed it by closing down Audacity then restarting it and headphones were recognised??

What do you think is the menu option in this image for? It says (translated) something like: “re-scan for audio devices”. So your re-starting Audacity was probably not necessary.
Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-17 um 11.07.49

Just as quick to close Audacity.
Only an issue when connecting headphones??

How do you know Audacity will not recognise your earphones…?
Are they listed in Audacity Audio devices…??.. if so just pick them…??
Do Audio setup "Rescan Audio devices…OR… do Tools…Reset Configuration.

Thank you all for your replies. I do appreciate your help.

I had not picked up on the “re-scan” option. I had tried restarting Audacity without any change, however a problem I found was that in the computer’s sound settings, while the earphones were showing as connected there is a drop down menu to the right (see screenshot) that needed to be changed, then it worked.
Well I was going to add a screenshot to this post but the upload icon did not seem to do it so maybe there is another way of adding images to posts?

Thank you all for taking the trouble to help me. Greatly appreciated.

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