audacity won't playback

Windows 7, version 2.1.0

It works just fine in other users in this same computer, yet there is no sound for me in my user. I have uninstalled it countless times and reseted the preferences, yet nothing will work. In the Preferences > Playback, I do not have a “default” option, and I have tried all of the three options I have in the list (realtek high def speakers, wsAudio_383S(1) and primary windows output) with no success.

Please tell us exactly what you are trying to play and exactly where you are trying to play it. Is the problem only in Audacity or in Windows as well?

From your description, you are using Windows DirectSound “Host” in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. Try MME host, which is more compatible, and choose the realtek speakers playback device.

Use the Mixer Toolbar playback slider (speakers symbol) to turn the volume up (this slider affects sound on the whole computer):

Are you using Fast User Switching, so that the different users on the computer are all logged in at the same time?

Is wsAudio “Wondershare Streaming Audio”? If so, you may want to be careful with that. Some people say that software is very buggy and others say it is malware, or likely to be bundled with malware by the download sites offering it. Use safer solutions to record computer playback, such as Windows WASAPI in Audacity: