audacity won't play

Hi folks, everything was fine until today. Suddenly Audacity won’t play from Headphones or desktop speakers. And it seems Realtek doesn’t even see the headphones plugged in. All drivers are working and updated. Not sure what even happened to create this…any ideas?

thank’s but I got it…had to close audacity and reload…uploaded an older file and all is working. I think the other files must have been corrupt on the reload…err something…Thanks

Glad it was fixed but if the problem recurs please see the previous answer you were given: .

Choose the correct playback device in Device Toolbar and ensure the device is not muted.

Restart the computer if you already checked all that.

Audio drivers should be provided by the maker of your computer or the maker of your motherboard. Drivers provide by Microsoft or downloaded from the Realtek web site are generic and probably unsuitable. Please see . If headphones are intermittently not recognised or playback fails from time to time you could have inappropriate sound drivers.

If you need more help at any future time please state your version of Audacity and version of Windows. See the pink panel at the top of this page.