Audacity won't play test message

Using Audacity on Windows XP. Audacity obtained from the zipped file.

I had no problems installing Aud. [including the Lame file], until I had to go to Edit > Preferences re the Lame file.

I found the Lame file shown to be installed. But I couldn’t get it to work from there. Instructions said I should be able to play a song they had on a Test. But I got no sound. [I checked the headset was correctly hooked up to the computer.]
And when they talked about mp3 files and configuring them, I couldn’t even find that on Audacity.

How can I get this thing to work?? (Being a newbie, maybe there’s some simple thing I haven’t done.)

Thanks so much, in advance!


If you got the zip of Audacity then by definition you did not install Audacity (it will work, but you won’t see it in the Windows uninstall area).

We don’t have any instructions that say that. LAME enables Audacity to write an MP3 file. It doesn’t make Audacity play or record.

We can only help you if you download Audacity from and read our instructions in the Manual at . It is no use if you are reading someone else’s instructions that may be wrong.

I suggest you look for Device Toolbar in Audacity then choose your headset for the playback (output) device in that toolbar. If you want to record something, choose the recording (input) device in the box to right of the output device. If you have a USB recording device like a USB turntable or cassette player, choose USB Audio CODEC for recording device.

If you want to export MP3 files then if you see a LAME version number at Edit > Preferences: Libraries you are all set. Just click File > Export…, choose “MP3 Files”, then before saving the MP3, click the “Options…” button to choose the required quality for your MP3. Higher bit rate means less loss of quality and larger files.