Audacity won't play sound unless Software Playthrough is on

I am currently using Audacity 2.2.1 for Windows 10.

I recently was given a M Audio USB Producer microphone to use for recording song vocals, it has a built in audio jack so you can hear sound through the microphone with headphones.

So the other night I was trying to use Audacity to record vocals and I had switched over to MME as the audio host as I realized the microphone worked through that best, until I hit record and noticed I had ‘Software Playthrough’ turned ON, so I went to turn it off and as soon as I did so this is where things got tricky. I pressed record and I noticed it was not recording my voice and I could see in the ‘Recording Level’ that my it was going up and slowly going down and was also recording around 10 milli seconds per second instead of one second per second if that makes sense.

I played back the audio and it was all muffled and static which sounded all robotic and static like, it was very loud and you certainly could not make out what I was saying. When I switched playthrough back on however, the audio played at a normal speed and ended up being 1 second of loud static.

What I want to do with my microphone is to be able to overdub but I do not want to have playthrough turned on since it’s somewhat delayed and confuses me, but when I turn it off it will not work.

If someone could help ASAP it would be greatly appreciated or even direct me to the right place to ask this question!