Audacity wont play MP3

MP3 wont play on Audacity as of 2 days ago…
Im using version 2.3.3 and all of a sudden the mp3 wont play.
Ive attached a screenshot.

I hear a click in sound and thats it.

Any pointers?

MP3 issue.JPG

MP3 wont play on Audacity as of 2 days ago…

More English words.

That exact sound file played earlier in the day and then it just stopped? Did you close Audacity between the time it worked and the time it didn’t?

I think the playback failed. It’s hard to believe with all that going on you only hear a click.

This is a full Left-Right stereo sound file. Does it sound OK?

Did you log into your Skype, Zoom, or Meetings account in the middle? I can see Zoom re-arranging your sound pathways and causing that problem.

Make sure you have the work as a WAV sound file backup and do a Clean Windows Shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. Not Restart and not regular Shutdown.

Even if it doesn’t start working, was there any change?

It’s also possible there’s something actually broken. I’m comfortable with you hearing a click if you’re only listening to the right channel of the two, but not if you’re listening to both.

Any reason you’re using Audacity 2.3.3? I liked 2.4.2 before The Great Upgrade to Audacity 3.


That’s possibly because you have less than a tenth of a second of audio. Does the same thing happen with other .mp3 files ?