Audacity wont play audio (mp3 or other) [CLOSED]


I just downloaded Audacity and the lame mp3 encoder and am using for the first time.But when i open Audacity when i first click on the icon i get this

"Could not find any audio device.You will not be able to play or record audio.

error: Internal PortAudio error"

I continued and did manage to load an mp3 and it’s sitting there with the waveforms showing but when i click play it wont play and i get this

“Error while opening sound device.Please check the playback device settings and the project sample rate”

Can anyone advise or help me with this please?

I have a one hour music concert mp3 which is just one long mp3 file but i want to split it into the individual tracks.

I’m using windows 10

Many thanks

See here:

Yes, apologies.New to forum and only saw that permalink after i submitted by question.Thanks anyway

I’m closing this to keep things cleaner.

If you need more help, please feel free to start a new topic with specifics of your audio devices and we’ll try to help.