Audacity won't open because of Debbuging report

I’ve tried to install Audacity a number of times. I follow the correct instructions to install it and when I open Audacity, every time it tries to send this Debugging report and then I can’t ever open it. How do I fix this problem?

I can’t ever open it.

Audacity or the debugging report?

Post the report on the forum.

Audacity doesn’t ever open enough to give you an error message?

Did you get your Audacity from here:


I open the audicity app and the first thing that appears is a debugging report. Whether I send a debugging report or cancel it, it disappears. Then if I try to open the app again the Debugging report appears again. And yes, I did download it from there.


Well, shucks.

Are you an administrator on your computer?

[X] Allow user to administer this computer

You went through the installer graphic where you dragged the tasteful Audacity icon to the tasteful Applications icon? I think it even works if you drag it to the real Applications folder if you know how to drill down that far.

Did your Mac object to installing a non-Apple application?


AFAIK, Audacity doesn’t send reports.

I think that is an OSX crash report.

And it’s normal that it disappears after sending or canceling. You can still find the crash reports by opening the application called “Console” in Applications/Utilities/ and clicking on “crash reports” in the left pane of the window.

Posting it here should give us some idea why Audacity is crashing something.

Here’s Debug report pic, sorry it’s sideways

Someone please help

Yes that error message has come from Audacity,
If you could post those three debug files they may provide some indication of what the problem is.
See here for how to attach a file to a forum post:

I really don’t know how I’d post these files here. Is there just any definitive explantation as to why this is happening? Am I the only one to have ever experienced this?

It’s because something on your computer is making Audacity crash. On crashing, Audacity is attempting to generate a bug report that will hopefully give some indication of what it is that is causing the crash.

No your not the only one, but thankfully it is quite rare.

Are you able to find the files on your computer?
If so, how to attach files to posts is described here:
If you still have difficulty posting the files please be as specific as possible in describing the problem so that we can advise as necessary.

If you press Cancel on that Debug window, there will be no saved files.

If you press OK on that Debug window, Audacity will show a dialog that tells you where it is saving the ZIP file to. It will be somewhere in /var/folders/.

Then all you have to do is attach the ZIP file.


Where do I find the var/folders? If it’s supposed to be in Console, there is a file called var/login, but i am not sure if that is it.

Open Finder, open the “Go” menu, choose “Go to Folder…” then type


and click the OK button.


I believe this is the ZIP file pertaining to the debug report. (3.29 KB)

You had set the recording meter refresh rate to 0, which will cause the recurring crashes in 2.1.2. This has now been fixed in our source code so won’t be a problem hitherto.

Use the same Go to Folder item as before and type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

In that folder, delete the “audacity.cfg” file.

Rename the attached “audacity.txt” to “audacity.cfg” then paste it into the folder where you just deleted the old “audacity.cfg”. I kept your settings except to change that refresh rate to 20.

audacity.txt (3.79 KB)