Audacity Won't open Aup. Project

So i was working on a project an started having internet troubles so saved i my project as a aup. and rebooted my computer. When i tried to load my file it says it doesn’t recognize the type of file. I see the data folder with all the files so i take it its still there. The only thing i recall doing is moving my project file in a separate folder away from the data folder. Now i have them both in a new folder by them self and it still won’t open. Any ideas? help would be appreciated i’d hate to start over.

What’s the chances of putting them both back in exactly the folder they left?

You must never do that. :astonished:

AUP and _data folder must be in the same folder.

The AUP must not be in the _data folder, but must be alongside the _data folder when you look in Windows Explorer.

Open the AUP file from File > Recent Files, or using File > Open… . Don’t use File > Import > Audio… .

Attach the AUP file if you are still stuck after that. Please see here for how to attach files: .


That would solve it too, but they don’t need to be together in their original folder. They can be together in any folder.