Audacity wont load

It’s been running totally fine since I installed it .

Windows 10
Version 2.1.1
Installed via the .exe file
Levorno laptop

Literally out of nowhere. I imported a vocal track into my project and was listening back when it froze. So I quit and rebooted. So many times. I have restarted the computer. I have shut it down and put it back on. I have reinstalled Audacity. And the latest plug ins. Same problem.

All I get is the oblong box with the headphones and the logo and it stays there. And stays there.


I assume you mean “Lenovo”.

In case the project is corrupted, just double-click on audacity.exe. Don’t drop the AUP file on audacity.exe or otherwise open the project while opening Audacity.

If that does not help please try all the possibilities in this FAQ:

If a bad audio driver update is the problem, Windows 10 might make the bad update come back. See (read down to and including “Preventing bad updates reinstalling”).