Audacity Won't Launch, sortof

Basically, I just upgraded to Catalina, 10.15.1, I did a clean install which meant I wiped my HD clean. Anyway, I downloaded the latest imagine for Audacity, 2.3.2, and installed it properly. I launched audacity from the applications folder, for a split second it appears to launch, then it doesn’t… Any suggestions on how to resolve?


Well, I have good news, sort of… :smiley:

I have my user folder mapped to an external SSD and the OS on the internal drive. However, I setup a MaintUser w/Admin rights that remained on the internal HD. Anyway, out of curiosity I logged in as my MaintUser to launch Audacity, lo and behold, it launched!! Albeit I did have the no input problem which I was able to workaround using the method outlined here!! At least I’m back up and running!

BTW, I had my user folder separated to an external HD for a couple of years and never had a problem using Audacity… sounds like this is another Catalina-Audacity integration issue…