Audacity WMA problem

Hi all!

I have a confrontational question for you guys.

So, i have a corrupted .wma file on my hands. Some parts work and some not. And what i mean is that there are missing parts on my .wma file!
Now i have tried to import it as a raw data. BUT it wont work. So if you can tell me can i have the missing parts back?
The problem in importing is that i dont know the right codec. VLC tells me that the codec is WMA2. But in audacity that kind of a codec doesnt found.

And, yes, i tried some software that would fix my .wma’s but doesnt work. if you have a good software for this, hit me!

Thnx for your help,

“Import RAW” is for uncompressed audio only - it won’t do anything useful for compressed formats such as WMA.

My guess is that you’re out of luck. I don’t think that Audacity can help you with this.