Audacity with qjackctl-Zynadsubfx-qsynth-rosegarden

Audacity with Jack

How can I get Audacity to work with jack when it is running?

Here’s a typical chain of events:

  • launch qjackctl
  • launch ZynAddSubFX
  • launch qsynth
  • launch Rosegarden
  • make some backing track
  • when good capture it with jack_capture

At this point I would like to load the produced wave file into Audacity for cleanup without closing any of the other apps. If I just open Audacity and load the wave file it produces no sound & many controls are ghosted.

Using OpenSuse-12.2/64 (with loads of other audio-studio type problems)
Audacity installed from repo package


When you open Audacity, in the Device Toolbar, select “Jack Audio System” as the host and select “System” for playback and recording.

got it thanks, I see it there now, it wasn’t before for some reason