Audacity window unminimizable on Windows 7

I really like the batch convert function, when I have .FLAC stuff that won’t play on my mp3 player and such. The one annoying thing about it is that the whole audacity main window is always visible when it’s working on batch convert. You can Win+D but then, even when you open any window even on e.g. secondary monitor, (useless, because, uncontrollable) Audacity window pops back up.

using v2.0.3

Thanks for the feedback. This is because the other secondary windows associated with the Chain processing always have focus rather than the main Audacity window.

I will enter a report about it but I suggest you ALT + TAB to switch to other applications and resize their windows large enough to cover Audacity.


I thought something like that. The design would be perfect if only somewhere in the code the Audacity main window would ‘minimize itself’ (I wouldn’t mind the smaller batch convert progress window. The open/export windows might be annoying if they pop up every file again if you’re working on something else but I think they would stay in the background normally and not steal focus)