Audacity-win-3.3.3-x64 keeps downloading

In all fairness this could not be an issue with Audacity but i have no clue how to solve this. For the last few days this file (audacity-win-3.3.3-x64) keeps downloading every 30 minutes on my computer. As of writing this there are 6 copies on my computer and i have already deleted nearly 20. I tried turning off the auto updates and even uninstalling Audacity but this continues to happen and i am so confused on how to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Me too :neutral_face: Have you tried rebooting ? When things finally settle down, download a fresh copy from Audacity ® | Downloads

I turn off my computer every night. This morning i turned on my computer, the file downloaded again, but nothing since. It seems that maybe a combination of uninstalling Audacity and rebooting the computer may have fixed it. I don’t use Audacity regularly. I used to use it a lot when i made YouTube videos, but now i use it when i want to mess with soundboards. I probably won’t download it again until i need it, but i will reply to this again if the problem comes back before then.

Yes, please do. I am glad to hear the issue is sorted - for now. :grinning:

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