Audacity-win-3.2.0 64 bit Metadata not all imported

Audacity-win-3.2.0 64 bit
Opening an mp3 file in 3.1.3 shows all the metadata in the file (e.g., 15 tags). Opening the same file in [upgraded to] 3.2.0 only shows the default seven (7) tags plus two (2) that don’t exist in the file (see list below). Is this new “as designed” operation, a defect (bug) that you can fix, or something that can be corrected through settings in Audacity?
• Artist Name
• Track Title
• Album Title
• Track Number
• Year
• Genre
• Comments


I don’t everything that Audacity is missing but I do know it doesn’t support embedded artwork.

I believe [u]MP3Tag[/u] can copy the metadata from the old file into the new file but I’ve never tried it.

Thanks for your reply DVDdoug. I’m only interested in having Audacity metadata functionality restored to the same as previous versions – as far back as I can remember (Audacity v2.0.2) every Audacity version read in all metadata tags and tag data when opening mp3, m4a, etc. files. Mp3tag works somewhat to ‘Export’ tag data from one file and ‘Convert’ → ‘Text file - Tag’ to another file. However, Mp3tag has some limitations and requires extra work vs. Audacity’s previous metadata functionality. Also, if you want the metadata tags and data from the original file when doing a “Save Project” in Audacity, you now need to reenter all the tags and tag data – unlike previous Audacity versions.

Thanks for reporting this bug. I’ve logged it here: