I am a musician with old CDs which has orchestra on left channel and solo on the right channel. I can play along with the track by reducing the volume on Right channel. I would
like to record the left channel on both Left and Right channels of a CD and use it on my large sound system (which doesn’t allow separate channels to be removed easily).

Is there an instruction that shows a simple step by step process for this?

I have tried using the instructions (from several places in the user manual) but end up with a recording that has both channels on it ??

I’m sure it is a simple fix but I’m tired of trying… I’m recording a commercial CD to a wav file… I then go to Audacity to edit the file which seems to be the problem area.
I am using the resulting files to make CD using Windows Media…

this workflow should work for this:

  1. rip the CD, with a CD ripping program, to create a WAV file or set of WAV files (this will give a better result that recvording the CD into Audacity.
  2. Import the WAV file(s) into Audacity - this will give you a track with a stereo (Left channel on top)
  3. Click on the little downward-pointing black triangle at the top right of the Track Control Panel
  4. Select “Split Stereo Track” this will give you two mono tracks, one for each channel
  5. For the channel you don’t want click in the little x in the top left hand corner of it’s track control panel
  6. Export the tracks with the setting 16-bit PCM WAV file
  7. Burn CD with the WAV files using a CD authoring program
  8. Play the CD - this should play the mono (Left or Right channel as selected in 5 above) in both speakers


BTW Windows Media Player is not usually reckoned to ne one of the better CD authoring programs (or player come to that) :sunglasses:


I’m on the way out the door but will try this later today… It adds a step or two to my previous tries and might be
the answer Any suggestions for a free CD burner program to use instead of the Windows pgm I was using?

See this page in the manual for some recommendations:

I’m not sure which, if any, of those is free though.

Do check on your PC though both my XP machine and my W7 laptop came with CD/DVD burners pre-nstalled - the W7 laptop has Nero which I find good.

Tip: If there is a setting to turn down the burn-speed in the burning software you use you may find that gives you better, more reliable results.


It may be that the solo channel leaks a bit into the left one. We can reduce this if want too.