Audacity will only work using "open with"

Trying to start Audacity by a short cut or by double clicking on audacity.exe, results in either:

  • Audacity appearing to load, but does not have focus. The title bar is not active and the program is unresponsive.

  • Audacity loads, and throws up a dialog about the previous project not being saved. No matter if you check or uncheck the project listed in the dialog, or which button selection you push, it results in Audacity losing focus and being unresponsive. Trying to bring it into focus using Task Manager does not work.

However, if I right click on a wav or aup3 file and choose “open with” and select Audacity, it loads perfectly and works perfectly.

I have tried closing Audacity after saving projects correctly, but the above behavior persists. Also running as admin makes no difference.

Using Win 10 and Version 3.0.2


Version 3.0.0 works just fine.

Version 3.0.2 does not.

You can try rebooting, then before starting Audacity, delete (or preferably rename) C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\audacity.

Note that AppData is a hidden directory.