Audacity Will Only Record Left Channel

I’ve been using Audacity for several weeks, with no issues until today.

I connect a Mackie console to the computer. On recordings made today, I was hearing droputs. After a bit of troubleshooting, I elected to reinstall Audacity.

I’m not hearing any further dropouts, but I am noticing that it is only recording left channel. I hear stereo from the Mackie. I see stereo on the Mackie VU meters. I hear left channel only on playback. I tried several remedies I found in the FAQ here, but nothing has helped.

Running Windows 7. All things remain equal, except the reinstall on the software.

Appreciate any suggestions!

I connect a Mackie console to the computer.

How? Exactly. RCA to 1/8" stereo adapter like this?

Did you plug it into the Mic-In of your laptop?

Are you seeing stereo while Audacity is recording like this:

Or is there only a single line of blue waves?


Which Audacity? On Windows I think it’s Help > About.