Audacity will only allow me to record one audio track

Hello, I was wondering if there was a fix for this problem. Like the subject says Audacity will only allow me record one audio track, whenever I try to record another one, It brings up the error code 9997 Invalid sample rate message. I don’t change anything after the first recording, I just mute that track and hit record again. When I delete the track I just recorded and try again it works just fine. It’s never done this before, I’m using Windows 10 and the recent 2.3.3 update.

I’m NOT one of the experts of this forum, but they may want to have some extra information in order to help you.

Which is the sound source for your recording?
Which devices do you use as pathway to guide that sound into Audacity?
How are them connected?
How is Audacity set? (sample rate, device toolbar, etc.)

I fixed it, Somehow (maybe me, and I forgot) My settings were set at Windows WASPI, Which I have no idea what that is, once I switched it Windows DirectSound and it started working again, Thanks!