Audacity will not run after new install?

Hi, I’ve just installed Audicity onto my laptop (Windows XP; Service Pack 2 and 3 installed). Unfortunately it will open/run. I get the following message: 'Unable to execute file; C:Programme FilesAudacityaudacity.exe; Createfailed; Code 14001;… application configuration is incorrect.

I installed it via the ‘run’ options i.e. I did not use the ZIP (although I subsequently tried this method but still no joy).

I have previously ran Audacity on the same machine with no problems. The only difference now being that I reset he machine to original ‘factory’ settings and re-installed windows internet explorer 8, and the service packs 2 and 3.

I’ve deinstalled and re-installed Audacity since receiving this error message but with no joy.

Can anyone please advise?

Many thanks

Please see the green panel here: .


Many thanks, it’s all up and running fine now. Much appreciated. I can crack on now exploring the wonders of Audacity and no doubt asking you guys an awful lot of questions - already got one but will save it for another day. :slight_smile: