Audacity will not pick up and sound


I have a set of Roland Dj-202 decks and am trying to use audacity to record my mixes. I am using Serato DJ Intro. However, audacity is not able to pick up any sound from the output (the decks). What am I doing wrong? What should be my output? And suggestions on what settings I need to use?

Thanks in advance

I couldn’t find much information about Dj-202. Is it an ASIO-only device? …Audacity (as distributed) doesn’t work with ASIO drivers.)

Does Audacity see it as a Recording Device?

If not, right-click on the Windows Speaker/volume icon and select Recording Devices. Does it show-up? (If Windows doesn’t see it, Audacity won’t see it.)

Does it support recording via USB? (I assume that’s what you’re trying to do?)

The sound comes out of the mixer, usually analog-only suitable for shipping off to the power amplifiers and large dance speakers. The computer does the music management in the sense of selecting the songs and order of appearance. I don’t think the actual music ever appears inside the computer—or at least not in a way that’s useful.

So a nice analog/USB interface should work.

I like the Behringer UCA-202. This is one connected to my analog sound mixer.

Please note there are a number of USB adapters listed as “stereo” say that because they support stereo headphones. They record mono. Like this one:

A note when you do all that, you will be struggling with USB services trying to go both directions at the same time. Audacity famously doesn’t do well with multiple sound services running at once.

Is there anything in the instructions about how to do this? I can’t believe this isn’t really popular. Not everybody plays to a live dance floor. And just to complete the circle, the sound system instructions have you taking the show off the mixer, right? I know some of the mixers have provision to output the musical show without the voice-over microphone.