Audacity will freeze upon launching


I’ve been using Audacity for some seven years now, but as of yesterday and today, I cannot launch it at all.
When launching, I will see the launching box as normal, but it (the box) will go over any other applications I have open instead of behind as it used to, and not launch at all. I even tried leaving it overnight, and it still won’t launch.

It won’t appear in my task manager either, so the only solution to the annoying launching box in the middle of my screen is to click on it until it says it’s not responding, at which point I’m given the option to close the program.

I’ve tried restarting and rebooting my computer, uninstalling my previous version (2.0.6) and installing the newest (2.1.2), uninstalling any plugins, and a suggested solution of clearing (and afterwards, deleting) the audacity.cfg and plugins.cfg files found under Users>AppData>Roaming>Audacity. I haven’t found any other solution, and I still have many files I need to export so I would like to at least be able to do that.

I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 but also ran into the problem with 2.0.6.
My OS is Windows 10 x64, 2.16 GHz processor, 8.00 GB RAM, and I do have (well over) 20 GB disk space available.

(This has nothing to do with the topic, but neither the online user manual nor the frequently asked questions are valid links in either the forum or the site and they would be, well, helpful).

Thanks for your time.

Please see if there is anything in the FAQ that you have not tried yet such as interference by an anti-virus application or by another audio application FAQ:Installation, Startup and Plugins - Audacity Manual.

The online Manual was undergoing some tests about the time you wrote. It should be fine now.


Hello, I had been unable to get back to this before.

Seems I just happened to have some great timing, didn’t I?

Either way, adding it to my exceptions fixed the issue, thank you very much! This had not happened with previous versions of either software before so it was unexpected.

If it could help anyone else, I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security, and previous versions had never blocked Audacity (and this one just randomly did it). Adding the whole Audacity folder from your Program Files to exclusions under “threats and exclusions” will do the trick.

Thank you for letting us know the exact solution in your case.