Audacity WAV file wont burn

Hi, I’m a newbie. Imported an audio CD into a project and abbreviated it down to about 350mb then tried to burn it in Windows Media Player. Have used 1 or 2 blank discs but they wont play in CD player. Sometimes I get error saying file is too big to burn to disc but can’t understand it because blank disc are supposed to hold 700mb they say. Also why does Windows let me put the file onto the Burn list saying 35mins and looks like its burning then when I try to play in Home stereo won’t play?

Has anyone come across or solved a situation like this?

There was a legacy problem with burning disks. You can burn them as flat, shiny hard drives - Data CDs, or you can burn them as Audio CDs. Audio CDs use a super special burn format and only they will play in a generic CD player.

It’s also possible to get a ratty or damaged Audio CD burn and that won’t play, either. Can you try a blank from a different maker? It should say CD-R on there somewhere. I think you can force a CD-RW to work, but they’re not reliable.

I used Sony CD-R disks for years until, near the end of the product life, the Sony plant was destroyed in the Fukushima Disaster.

How fast did you burn the disk? 3x, 10x, higher? It’s possible to force the burner to burn so fast that it damages the show. How old is the burner?

It’s amazing these things ever got off the ground.