Audacity Version Upgrade - SCCM

I am looking to upgrade audacity on a handful of clients in my environment to the latest release but I don’t want to touch each one individually to do it. We deploy the software through Microsofts SCCM tool using a batch script pointing to the exe. Does anyone know if there is a registry key or file in the Audacity directory that denotes the software version number? If I can locate that I can setup a detection method in SCCM to update the software automatically for all clients.

I don’t think you are going to find anything useful other than the .exe file itself. You can check with the developers here: Audacity dev

I wonder - Audacity is published on winget, so maybe something like winget-install/winget-autoupdate would yet you do automatic updates?

In each case, inside the %appdata%\audacity\audacity.cfg, there’s a


Additionally, the lastlog.txt in the same directory also shows what version was last used. Both of these methods require Audacity to be ran at one point though, I think.

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