Audacity Ver: 3.3.3, How to save existing MetaData for individual tracks, when using --Export Multiple?

The MetaData for the tracks --are already individually set. Export Multiple, undoes the existing MetaData, essentially causing the reentry of every field, except ‘Title Track’.

Four imported tracks, two have ‘Artist: one’ with different track titles. The other two tracks = ‘Artist: two’ with the final two, out of four tracks, having their own respective track titles.


  1. will use the ‘track name’ of the top track, and place it in the applications title bar.
  2. Export Multiple | Export | MetaData Editor – will scramble the existing MetaData, in the following way

The first of four – the ‘Artist Name’ is populated with the last imported tracks ‘Artist Name’, while the ‘Track Title’ field correctly matches ‘The first of four’ track names, as-well-as matching the name in the Audacity ‘title bar’.

The balance of track one’s MetaData is populated with track fours info. In-fact, all four tracks are using incorrect MetaData with the exception of the ‘Track Title’ field.

Again, this MetaData for each individual file\track already correctly exists; it gets scrambled with Export Multiple.

OS: Win-10 (HOME), VER: 22H2, OS build: 19045.3086


This is being worked on right now; export multiple is getting metadata pagination

@LWinterberg, thank you for the prompt reply. I feel smarter now that I know --it wasn’t something I screwed-up. I’m happy the team is aware.


Is there a previous version of Audacity which does not have this issue?

THE GOAL: To ‘Loudness Normalize’ then ‘Export Multiple …’ I’m talking hundreds, perhaps single-digit thousands of stereo tracks. Or should I wait for the pagination?

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