Audacity Unstable

I am using the newest version of Audacity…this is a custom built computer running Windows 10…64 bit…I am familiar with Audacity having used it for several years.
Recently, I upgraded to a better computer and mixer…Audacity installed ok but when I started recording sometimes I get a blank audio track @ oddly the cursor seeming
to flutter at 0 as though it was trying move but held back at the left end of the track.
This is a brand new high end computer with a semi professional mixer…I`m stumped…any suggestions ?

it was trying move but held back at the left end of the track.

That’s the wrong metaphor. That’s what it looks like when the data arriving at Audacity is damaged or missing. The cursor gets a brief kick or push forward and then falls back.

semi professional mixer.

That’s when the client only pays half of the bill for the recording job?

How is the mixer connected? What’s the job?

Does the other direction work? Can you generate noise in Audacity and play it to your speakers or headphones?


Thanks for getting back to me
Im using an Allen and Heath ZEDi-8..8 channel mixer..there is a USB cable connected from the mixer to the listening to music as we speak from the computer to the mixer to powered speakers.
This is not a job…I have a home studio…atm Im trying to record classical guitar..I forgot to mention I got it to record a few times but it seemed to be unstable..Im not sure how to put it but I had the mixer gain almost all the way up to get any kind of waveform…i just spent a ton of money on this computer…any advice will help.

can anyone help ?

What settings do you have in the device toolbar?

apparently theres some kind of communication problem going messages here dont seem to post…the settings are MME…mic USB audio Codec…stereo record…playback USB audio Codec

In the “Transport” menu > Transport Option" ensure that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected).

it`s done