Audacity uncompatible with Windows 8

I have horrendous problem with Windows 8 but I chaven’tt found a programme I like as much but I have 2 computers both with Windows 8 and on both I can be mixing when all the sound wave disappears and I have lost everything. I try to remember to save but as a DJ I often forget the time and suddenly 3 hours work has gone. As this has been ongoing for 2 months I am at my lowest ebb not know how to fix this problem. Tonight I’ve just lost 3 hours work. :mrgreen: I run Uniblue before mixing to ensure the C drive has plenty of space for temporary files

Audacity is not incompatible with Windows 8 but you need by default 20 MB of space per minute for each stereo audio track you record or import. You need half that space for each mono track.

Then when you edit the entire length of that track you need that amount of space again because Audacity lets you undo and redo and stores the audio data for each undone/redone state. So if you need 200 MB to record a ten minute song then you need 400 MB when you Normalize the whole song and you need 600 MB when you run Equalization on it.

If you are actually short of sufficient disk space then keep an eye on your disk space and in Audacity, use View > History… to clear out the Undo History and reclaim disk space. See .