Audacity UI: Assign favourite effects to buttons?

Hi all

when I’m working on something, I’m doing a lot of the same task. HighPassFilter, Amplify, Auto-Duck, etc. 80% of the time, I use the same settings on each tool, but occasionally tweek to get the desired result. I’m not chaining the effects - it still needs human intervention to work out what effect to apply where, and how.

To save me the hassle of going to “Menu-Effects-scrollThroughEffects-Choose”, is there a way of assigning my favouite effects to a button each?

The button doesn’t have to do what “CTRL-R” does in reapplying the effect using the last setting, just bringing up the effect settings dialog box is good enough.


You can jump down the effects menu by repeatedly pressing the letter the effect starts with…
Select effects menu, then pressing G then H.gif

Thanks for that.

Not as smooth as user-assigned buttons because it’s still accessing the menu then effects using mouse/trackpad then keyboard to select the effect.

If the menu had keyboard shortcut keys (eg: “CTRL+ALT+E” to get to the effects menu), then your suggestion would be a good compromise.

But you’ve confirmed the idea of user-assigned buttons for effects doesn’t exist.

Perhaps an enhancement for the next iteration of the U.I?


There is an option to group the effects, rather than one long list.
But it doesn’t allow you to create a group of favorite (frequently used) effects :frowning:

Press ALT then look at the underlined character in each menu. So, Alt then C to open the Effects menu.

Alt then C then H to open High Pass.

In Keyboard Preferences you can assign direct keyboard shortcuts to effects, so for example Ctrl + Alt + H to open High Pass. Of course, this means holding down all those keys simultaneously, as opposed to pressing the keys separately for keyboard access to the menus.

There are no plans to have buttons for “favourite effects” but we can add your “vote” for that if you like, which means that your request will be taken into account when considering new features.