Audacity "Trial"

Read this post about Audacity 1.3.x and decided to make one for this 2.0.2. The only reply says to uninstall and re-install Audacity after downloading it from the official Source Forge download link. I’ve done this. but I keep having the same problem. I can try to provide an audio sample but… I just realized this might not be audacity.

Heh, I’m going to post this anyways in case anyone has this problem. I was attempting to record Jar of Hearts, played through YouTube, in Audacity. To do this I got a program called VAC, Virtual Audio Cables, that allows you to output sound from any program as a line in to the computer. Sadly, the trial version has some limitations.

“Adds female voice reminder each several seconds.” Quote:

If anyone would be so kind, ask the person in the thread shown in the first link if they still have this problem, and if they use this software?

Also, if anyone knows of a free way to play music over YouTube and record it to an MP3 or into an AUP/Audacity window it would be very much so appreciated.

Since that is a much older post, you would be after Audacity 2 instead of 1.x.

You didn’t mention if you had been through the process of direct recording from the internet.

It’s our experience that as the Windows version increases, the process of self-recording gets harder. There’s some discussion as to whether most machines are missing this process in Win7 or not. It’s certainly much harder to find than earlier.


I don’t know if this was just confusing,
but you said " you would be after Audacity 2 instead of 1.x."
I am using Audacity 2.0.2, I linked to an old thread because I’m having the exact same problem on the new version, although I’ve fixed it. It was because I was using VAC to record computer out put.

A link I found, on the page you linked me to, ( ) Is what I was looking for, thanks for posting this :smiley: