Audacity tracks stop playing in iTunes after 3 minutes

I have had this problem for some time–with current and previous versions of Audacity. I export tracks I’ve created or edited in Audacity and drag them into iTunes to play and any track over 3 minutes automatically stops and cues to the next track. Is there a setting for exporting files in Audacity that I missed?


I’m using Mac OS 10.7.5 (NOT upgrading anytime soon) and Audacity 2.0.1

2.0.1 is old now. I suggest you obtain the latest 2.1.0 version from Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS.

Drag the exported files back into Audacity. If they are the correct length then it is an iTunes problem, perhaps you have set the songs to only play the first three minutes. In iTunes, right-click or control-click the file > Get Info to check.


No. Already checked that. It still craps out at 3:02 and then goes to next track. Can’t tell if it’s iTUnes or Audacity doing it. I’m a videographer so I’ve imported and re-exported the offending tracks into and out of my AVID and that seems to fix it. Either audacity is exporting a format iTunes doesn’t like or iTunes sucks. This has been the case for multiple versions of Audacity. I will update my software though. Thanks!

So if you reimport the exported file into Audacity, do I assume it shows as the correct length?

What format are the files and are you adding metadata to the exported files? In 2.0.4 we had to change a perfectly correct routine for writing metadata containing uneven numbers of characters in AIFF files because a bug in early iPods caused the files to be ignored or to skip playback. This could be some similar Apple bug - so the change we made which will be in 2.1.0 may fix it for you if these are AIFF files.

If the problem still exists when you export files from 2.1.0, please upload an example file of about four minutes length to Dropbox or somewhere we can access the file.


Gale–yes it re-imports at the correct length after I’ve given it the AVID treatment. Will upgrade Audacity and let you know if the problem repeats itself. Thanks so much!!

I upgraded to Audacity 2.0.1 and it still does it. Of the 10 tracks I was trying to convert 4 of them only play 3 minutes 3 seconds in iTunes. I have them in a Dropbox folder. What is your email address so I can send you an invite to retrieve the four offending files?

But if you export from Audacity then immediately re-import the file into Audacity, the file is of the correct length, isn’t it?

Do you mean you upgraded to 2.1.0 and it still does it?

What format are the files? If you right-click over the files online in Dropbox and choose Share, that will enable you to post the URL to the files. Could you also please include one of the files that does not play short in iTunes for comparison?

If the content of the files is private, then please send me a private message (click the “PM” icon on the right of this post).


Cyrano kindly tested in Mavericks in 2.0.1 and did not find your problem in iTunes with an exported MP3


Yes 2.1.0–sorry but typing those numbers is maddening. It still does it. In Itunes they stop at 3:03:00 and go to next track. I ran them thru Audacity a second time and now it works. The first time I had used Export Multiple files–10 tracks of a David Gilmour album. I am not understanding you whatsoever on the Dropbox stuff. I only know to share with email addresses. I’m not sharing David Gilmour with the forum.

Sorry, but “ran them thru Audacity a second time” is not clear. What did you do differently the second time?

We don’t see the issue you experience, so we need you to tell us every step you are doing in Audacity, including what metadata if any that you are adding. We still don’t know what format you are exporting to, sample rate used or any salient details like that.

When you right-click over a file in Dropbox online and choose “Share”, you are shown a link to the file. That is the link you would post if it was appropriate to share the file publicly.

As I said, if the files are not appropriate to give a download link on the Forum, please send me a Private Message and give me that link or links to the file.

Thanks for your help.