Audacity track on-load appearance

hey :slight_smile:
Is it possible to make newly loaded tracks in the project screen automatically appear sized so that the track controls (or part if them) are just visible and there is no (gray)space beneath them?
I usually drag-size the track until the Mute and Solo controls just don’t disappear but I’m tired of importing dozens of tracks and drag-sizing them by hand to find them disorganized the next time I open the Audacity file :
Can I change default track height in the configuration files or source-code and how, if so?

Any other hints to change the appearance of the Audicity controls (make smaller, remove from view, etc…) are also very welcome.


Edit menu > Preferences > Interface tab > select “Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed”

You can select which toolbars are visible from
View menu > Toolbars > make your selection.

thank you stevethefiddle

but the ui cuts off the tracks just above the mute and solo button which leaves me with the for my purposes useless track information
is there a way around this?



So I’m guessing that you have quite a few tracks in your project? You didn’t say, so I assumed that you just had one or two tracks.
In this case, do not select “Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed”.

The default track height is sufficient to see the volume/pan controls. You can click on the upward pointing triangle below the track controls to minimise the track height, then click again to restore. There is also an option in the View menu to minimise or restore all tracks (SHIFT+Ctrl+C and SHIFT+Ctrl+X). Anything else is manual.