Audacity top menu bar stuck under top mac menu bar

The Audacity window on my mac computer (OS Mavericks) top menu bar is stuck under the mac main top menu bar, so I can’t access the audacity controls to move it, so its stuck. I can resize it, but can’t get in to move it.
I downloaded Audacity 2.1.2 .dmg file (33.1 MB, includes help files)
I uninstalled Audacity and installed it again, but still the same thing.
I removed the audacity.cfg folder (with Audacity off) like someone said and it still pops up the same way.
Any suggestions?

You can email me at that’d be great.

You can email me at > > that’d be great.

It would be great, but we’re probably not going to do that because this isn’t a help desk, it’s a forum with users helping each other.

While the Audacity window is selected but stuck, zoom to Full Screen. Top bar > View > Full Screen. Then mouse to the upper left corner and the navigation bar should become visible. Click the green light to reduce the size of the window. Let us know if that doesn’t work.