Audacity Tool Bars

As I’m using your recording capabilities I find that your tool bars Font size lets to be desired, Why can’t you produce them in a bigger and bolder Font size, make it easier for us older folks to read or is that an impossibility???

Christoph :ugeek:

Which Windows? Both Windows and Macs have tools to allow you to magnify or zoom into a portion or all of the desktop to make it easier to see. You can use those tools to make Audacity fill your whole screen.


Yes of course, and I know that. but Win 7 64x, I fail to see the tools. inside the personalization and metrix config you have all sort of possible configuration but not one of them seems to fit for audacity or I’m I missing something here? Not impossible


From the Control Panel Home, in the “Appearance and Personalisation” section, click “Adjust Screen Resolution” then “Make text and other items larger or smaller” and follow the steps in the window that appears to increase the “DPI scaling”.

Increasing the DPI scaling affects all programs. However not everything in Audacity will become larger. The text in the Track Control Panel above Mute/Solo will stay the same size, which is an Audacity bug.