Audacity timer record progress

I believe this has been discussed before…not sure where to find it tho. Running Win 10 Pro…Audacity V 2.2.2 I set up to record at a set time this eve…for 1hr 45m…Audacity started fine…but on the display screen it showed 12 secs in…and froze up. Recording kept running, but timer never progressed. Plus, I could not stop the recording…no way…Ended up doing a restart on the PC to force it to quit. Help!

Try updating to the current 2.3.2 version of Audacity. (There have been numerous improvements to Timer Record since Audacity 2.2.2).
The current version of Audacity is always available via the Audacity website:

That was a bug in Audacity which is fixed now in 2.3.2 (may even have been a slightly earlier version - I don’t recall right now)

But it certainly works properly on my W10 laptop with 2.3.2 and with the alpha test build I have for the upcoming 2.3.3 - stopping properly at the pre-set time. I use it very regularly.


Will give this a try…thanks! EDIT: Downloaded 2.3.2 last night and tried it…works fine. Thanks folks!