I hope you can help. I am experiencing a long-term issue with Audacity. It can take hours to save a lengthy recording, of approx 8 hours.
Is this correct?
Sometimes it can even take 20 or 30 minutes for a 1 hour recording. Is this usual?
I have experienced similar on different computers and versions, but I am currently on Windows 10 with Audacity 2.4.2. And it is happening again.
Would anyone be able to tell me how long it should take for 8-10 hour recordings to save? Or any information on this generally?

It can be quite a problem if I am trying to use Audacity again after recording, as I can’t get access again, sometimes for hours.

Thank you very much.

On my i7 laptop, exporting a 1 hour, stereo, 44100 Hz sample rate track as 16-bit WAV to an internal SSD drive takes about 20 seconds.

In WAV format, it would probably fail because the maximum size for WAV format is 4 GB.

I loaded a 75-minute stereo WAV file on 2.4.2. It took 10 seconds to save to .aup on a hard drive on my laptop, but 120 seconds to do a subsequent Save As. And about 120 seconds to export as a .WAV file.

I just tested with RC04 3.0.0 alpha on my W10 laptop with 256MB SSD

  1. I generated a 75 minute stereo chirp

  2. Save was almost instantaneous

  3. Save As took 10 seconds (% of which went on project compaction)

  4. Export as WAV took 31 seconds


Do you have older spinning-metal hard drives? Newer machines can come with Solid State Drives which a are generally smaller and more expensive, but very much faster.

What are you doing to the shows? Effects? Cleanup? Audacity performs some UNDO by saving high-quality copies of the whole show. So your machine may be trying to manage 16 or 32 hour recordings when you save. If the machines are fragmented or starting to fill up—or both, that can be a massive job.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 08.00.38.png

It can take hours to save a lengthy recording, of approx 8 hours.

Audacity is a home audio editor and doesn’t work well for surveillance or long-term capture or archive recordings.