Audacity Takes 45 Seconds To Open

I run Windows 7 Professional on a very old pc. I run Audacity 212. I use Audacity at least once per month. As of one month ago Audacity takes 45 seconds to open. The logo appears immediately but the program takes 45 seconds. Why is this and what can be done about it? I need Audacity to open and function withing a few seconds the way it used to.

Windows 7 Professional on a very old pc.

This isn’t likely on newer machines, but is your hard drive filling up?

Is your drive light flashing madly while Audacity is opening?

When was the last time you performed a Defragment? I used to do this manually on my office Win7 machine, so I know you can do it.

You have restarted your machine in recent memory, right?


I hope you meant 2.1.2.

You probably can’t do very much about it, if reboot doesn’t help, except look at any changes you made that might be making Audacity slower. Examples of what might be making Audacity slower are connecting additional real or virtual audio devices, or scanning by anti-virus / security tools.