Audacity Tags File Location for Portable Version

It would be really nice if the Portable Version would remember where you last saved your metadata, (audacity tags), to. Or, let you setup the location in preferences.

The non-portable version already remembers the location. This gives access to the same tag information from multiple computers.

Right now, with the portable version, I have to switch folder locations manually each time I go to save or load a tag file.
I did put a shortcut in the default folder, which helps, but still an extra step each time.


Did you click the Set Default button?

The default button does not set the default location, just the template. At least as far as I can tell

It works for me - and my metadata settings get stored in my .cfg file in my Portable Settings folder, which I keep in the same directory as my Audacity.exe file.

Make sure you are not trying to run two different copies of Audacity at the same time. Audacity will not cooperate. Be sure to fully exit Audacity before starting up another copy.

Are you talking about a portable install of Audacity (from here:
or the “Portable Apps” version of Audacity (from here:
or some other version?

From the former. Running from the unzipped .zip file version download. Thanks, Steve.

Did you create a “Portable Settings” folder alongside audacity.exe?

Yes, I did create a Portable Settings folder. Thanks

Also, (Separate Topic), I don’t get notified of a reply, even though “Notify Me When a Reply is Posted” is checked.

Near the bottom of the page, click on the wrench icon, then click on “Subscribe topic” so that it is NOT ticked.
(I know this is counter-intuitive, but that’s just how it is in the forum software.)

Do you mean when you click the “Save” button the the Metadata Editor?
If so, then I don’t think any version of Audacity does that :confused:

What I’m seeing is that “Save” from the Metadata Editor always defaults to the folder where the Macros and Plug-ins folders are located. In the case of a “Portable” install, that’s the “Portable Settings” folder.
Which exact version of Audacity are you referring to? I’ll test on Windows to see what happens (I’m on Linux).