Audacity support

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate platform for asking a tech support question regarding the Audacity software, so I apologize if it’s not. I have been trying to find someone to entertain just a few rudimentary questions regarding the sound editing of an AVI file with audacity. Is there anyone who can/would be willing to help me?

Kind Regards,

Sure, fire away.
Please start a new topic for each different question.
Please include which version of macOS and which version of Audacity you are using in each new topic.

There’s a few issues that we are not able to help with, for example:

  • Spying / surveillance / pirating / other morally or legally dubious activities.
  • Problems with other software.
  • Legal issues.
  • Changes to the laws of nature / physics.

If in doubt, you may still ask your question and we’ll let you know if it is not something that we can answer :wink:

Please also note that we do not have the resources to provide telephone / email / Skype / … support. Our only support channel is this public forum.