Audacity SUPER weird error that I can’t figure out...

Hello, so I’ve been using Audacity for a while. I record speeches and music, and today I finished two projects. So after I saved them, I thought “why not go listen before I publish them?” And so I did…And one of the files I recorded was LITERALLY 7 seconds long. No where NEAR the time I had it. And the other project had some audio cut out.

Unfortunately I didn’t save when I exited out because I’d never had this problem…Can someone PLEASE tell me what the problem is and if I can recover them? I don’t even want to use Audacity to complete my other 4 projects in the case that the same weird errors might occur. What’s worse is that the internet has no solution for this. Help please. I’m on Windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.2 :frowning:

Are you sure it is version 2.1.2 and not 2.2.1?

An “Audacity Project” is not a “file”. It is a file and a folder.
Did you “save the project”, or “export an audio file”?
If the latter, what format did you export as, and what length did you expect the file to be?

By the way, the current version of Audacity is 2.3.2 and is available via the Audacity website:

Yes I’m sure it’s 2.1.2. Also I exported the audio as mp3, but I might’ve hit export SELECTED audio. In that event, is there a way I can go back and compile all the tracks instead of only having one track? Again, I didn’t save before exiting. I expected both to be around 2-3 mins.

That sounds like it’s probably the cause.
Unfortunately, as you didn’t save the project, there’s no way to recover the project after it has been closed.

I record speeches and music, and today I finished two projects.

Those are two different things. It’s record Speeches and Music and export WAV protection copies. Then produce the project.

It’s a New User error to record original content, edit that exact same content and export the finished work. Any serious error anywhere in the process and your show goes into the dirt, permanently.

You should be opening up the protection copies and re-editing the Project. The Project should be late, not trashed.

I exported the audio as mp3

Note you can’t edit an MP3 without causing sound damage. MP3 convenient, tiny sound files aren’t “free.”

You complained about possible Human Error, but the forum is full of posts of “My Audacity” or “My Computer” stopped working and how do I recover my show? Without the backups, maybe you don’t.