Audacity Stops with Ezra track

I have laptop with usb linked to m-audio interface and speakers. System been running fine for 10 months. I record Sax to backing track. Therefore only two stereo tracks normally.
Suddenly Audacity freezes/stops when recording is played back. Usually stops at first major Sax note (no comments about my playing lol) the backing intro seems ok it’s the first blast of Sax seems to stop it.
Action taken already;
1 uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity (latest)
2 reinstalled m-audio interface drivers
3 tried increasing m-audio buffer

Audacity seems work normally through computer speakers but not when passed on to m-audio
Audacity also plays imported backing track to project through m- ok

It will just not playback a recording through m-audio that contains some volume ie Sax
Help please I’m stuck with this one.

Which is the three number Audacity version?

Are you using External USB Drives or Cloud Services?



Did you upgrade to Windows 10? Windows 10 takes drivers and support software designed for it. Older software can have problems.


Usb in use is standard USB ports on my Sony Laptop 64 bot machine
I upgraded to Windows 10 some 9 months ago and Audacity was running ok.

It was simply the ‘gain’ on the mic had increased.
It was swamping the playback.
Thanks for all comments and help