audacity stops recording while I am still narrating

I am using Audacity 2.4.1 with Windows 10. I am an audiobook narrator. I am wondering why Audacity will all of a sudden stop recording while I am narrating. The cursor is stuck and I can not do anything except x-out of the program. Fortunately, it does ask If I want to save the file. it allows me to save the file. When I open it back up, then I can continue narrating from where the program randomly stopped. it is not critical but it is annoying. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Thanks.
Laura Johnson

all of a sudden stop recording

Can I assume you checked the amount of room you have on your internal drive? I have to ask that. It’s traditional.

it is not critical

It is critical. Computer programs don’t just stop dead. It has the potential of stopping and destroying existing work.

There was a forum poster who arrived complaining about a crash damaging some of his work. Through the course of the conversation, it turns out the machine crashes all the time, but disaster recovery always worked. This time, it didn’t.

What else do you have running? The Chat programs (Skype, Zoom) are notorious for grabbing control of the machine’s sound services (microphone) without telling you. Audacity will not be pleased if its sound channel is suddenly interrupted or changed for any reason.

Do you use any cloud storage or services? Google Cloud? Audacity hates those.

In my opinion, you should shut down your machine, disconnect the network, start the machine, and then continue with the performances. I predict it will either start working correctly, or it will complain bitterly about not being able to reach the internet. Write down what complained.

That’s not my extreme opinion. I don’t think you should be recording on the computer at all. I think you should be recording on a dedicated, stand-alone sound recorder and then do post production in Audacity after having made WAV backup files of the work.

I can make this even darker. Your evil virus is turning your microphone on so it can eavesdrop.


I’m not making that up. This is my Zoom H4 sound recorder.

I’ve submitted work from my Zoom H1a and there are people on the forum using H2a and H5 sound recorders for their voice.


Thank you for your feedback. I will address each issue and check into a stand-alone sound recorder.
Again. thank you.